Jinshan's TED Talk Playlist on Education

To educate independent thinkers, we need

  • Critical Thinking: keep asking why, never just accept/absorb knowledge.
  • Relational Thinking: try to connect concepts (explicitly, give the connections names) and also connect concepts to reality.
  • Meaningful Learning: what is it, why is it so and why is it organized/presented in this way, do I like it.
  • Big Pictures of disciplines under study : why do we want to learn this and that, what is the basic questions/typical ways of thinking of the discipline, to be able to think like/as experts in the disciplines.
  • Imagination and Creativity: to go beyond the limits, which, of course, one might needs to identify and be unsatisfied with first.

How to do it?

Our own work here at BNU: concept-mapping-/projector- based meaningful learning on learning how to learn and think

  1. Jinshan Wu: Think like a physicist (videos to be provided)
  2. Kip Ault: Geologic Reasoning (videos to be provided)
  3. Joe Novak, Alberto Canas and Jinshan Wu: What is education about and how to make it work (videos to be provided)